Kaiser-Amm TGA-Planung 4.0 is one of the most modern specialist planning offices for technical building equipment in Germany. Our implementation background enables us to master new planning challenges with experience and vision. Our 15 employees at the Forchheim and Seukendorf locations have been managing properties worth € 40,000,000.00 worth of investments in the electrical and heating/ventilation/sanitary sectors for more than four decades.


Memberships and Functions::

  • chairman of the system committee „Active Assisted Living“ (DKE / K801) of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE (publisher of the VDE standards)
  • Chairman of the standards committee "Electrotechnical aspects in BIM - BIM@DKE" of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE, Frankfurt am Main Member of the standards committee for Building Information Modeling NA 005-01-39 AA, Formats of the German Institute for Standardization e. V. (DIN), Berlin

  • Ambassador at CorporateConnections®

  • Member of the examination commission and task creator for the aptitude test of publicly appointed and sworn experts in the Free State of Bavaria

  • publicly appointed and sworn expert for the electrical engineering trade by the Chamber of Crafts for Upper Franconia, specializing in electrical installation, with a focus on integrated buildings

  • Specialist planner for building automation (MSR, Dial)

  • Member of the committee for the introduction of digital standards in standardization IDiS of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE, Frankfurt am Main

  • KNX Professionals Germany e.V., Frankfurt am Main

In the past, the following honorary activities (some of them for many years) were performed:

  • In the past, the following honorary activities (some of them for many years) were performed:
  • Member of various public procurement committees
  • Member of City Council and District Council
  • honorary chairman of the KJR Forchheim in the BJR, KdöR (with transferred municipal tasks, §§ 11, 12 and 14 KJHG, Art. 17 BayKJHG)
  • Deputy local representative of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief in the local association Forchheim



Elektro Kaiser" is founded by the parents of today's owner Peter Kaiser with a focus on electrical engineering and building services engineering.


Entrepreneurial further development into Kaiser Elektroplanung, focusing on telephone, communication, news and data systems.

until 2014

Revolution of classical electrical installation - bus systems, above all the European Installation Bus (EIB), today called Konnex (KNX). Training and experience in Smart Homes and Smart Buildings, which went far beyond the previous requirements of e.g. KNX.


Conversion of the crafts business into a planning office for technically demanding projects, which are planned realistically and continuously in 3D and thus minimize cost and technical risks for the investor.


Merger of Kaiser Elektroplanung 4.0 in Forchheim and the planning office Helmut Amm founded in 1987 in Seukendorf to form Kaiser-Amm TGA-Planung 4.0 (Kaiser-Amm GmbH). Established as a full service provider in the field of building services engineering with specialist planning for electrical engineering and heating/ventilation/sanitary.


Know-how, hardware and software systems as well as many years of practical experience in the demanding technology sector enable Kaiser-Amm TGA-Planung 4.0 to professionally prepare the entire planning for technical building equipment, including complete tender documents, even for high-tech applications.

Editorial Peter Kaiser
Peter Kaiser

Since time immemorial, people have dreamed this one dream: that of their "own home", the "roof over their head" and later that of their "own four walls".

It is based on the most intimate needs such as protection and care - elementary components of our being and our responsibility for others - of our family and everything that is "dear and dear" to us - are the basis.

But these innermost drives also include characteristics of our life in large communities - cohesion and togetherness on the one hand - prestige, demarcation and individuality on the other.

After the many epochs of architectural history, we are now faced with a completely new dimension - one that incorporates the previously unknown dimensions into the "house": The digital age as a new basic human need - whether private or professional. And this is exactly where we are "at home": we are the specialists for such requirements - we face up to this responsibility. With practical experience like no other, we accompany you in your ideas and dreams - no matter how unusual they may seem. We are "designers" and not "technicians" - always on the lookout for new challenges - in town and country - on mountains or in valleys - in the cold or the desert. With us there is nothing "off the peg".

together with you we develop your projects and realize your dreams.

Or to talk to Julia Engelmann: "Let's write stories together that we'll remember later."

We look forward to it - and to you.

Peter Kaiser