As experts in the technical equipping of buildings, our aim is to question common solutions, develop innovations and thus improve people's lives in the long term. We regularly contribute our knowledge and experience as a research carrier.


According to the "Statistics of severely disabled people" of the Federal Statistical Office 2009, 16,791 people with paraplegia live in Germany. Since the end of 2018, Kaiser-Amm TGA-Planung 4.0 has been working on a very special project as a research institution: Working hand in hand with our project partners, we are developing "INKA", an integrated digital concept for connecting AAL-Components for the care of people with paraplegia.


Active Assisted Living comprises methods, concepts, (electronic) systems, products and services that support the everyday life of older and disadvantaged people in an unobtrusive and situational way. (Source: Wikipedia)

Software development at a glance 

  • Universality
  • Modularity
  • complete integration of most market requirements
  • uncomplicated compilation yes according to current requirements
  • Independence from the component manufacturers to be used

Research period: End 2018 - mid 2020

Goal: Determination of the inventory to record marketable assistance solutions, design of the technical integration to a scalable technical control system, doors, heating, TV and lighting should be operated independently and intuitively.

Project partner: University of Heidelberg, Wilhelm Löhe Hoschule Fürth

Market entry: Immediately after completion (atlas, software)


    In the building:

    • "Manual" or "product overview" as help in the dialogue between client, architect and specialist planner during implementation
    • Identification of possible applications, costs and requirements
    • Maximum added value demonstrated by the combination of different products
    • Possible subsidies through different carriers can make selection easier
    • Digital networking and the exchange of information should in future combine isolated isolated solutions into a powerful and effective overall system
    • Cost and effort reduction in the building through standardisation as a "modular system"

    In the nursing staff::

    • Decreasing costs, reduction of manpower and simplification of care in clinics and homes


    "Do you have any questions about our research project? We look forward to your inquiry."
    Peter Kaiser

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    Peter Kaiser

    Since time immemorial, people have dreamed this one dream: that of their "own home", the "roof over their head" and later that of their "own four walls".

    It is based on the most intimate needs such as protection and care - elementary components of our being and our responsibility for others - of our family and everything that is "dear and dear" to us - are the basis.

    But these innermost drives also include characteristics of our life in large communities - cohesion and togetherness on the one hand - prestige, demarcation and individuality on the other.

    After the many epochs of architectural history, we are now faced with a completely new dimension - one that incorporates the previously unknown dimensions into the "house": The digital age as a new basic human need - whether private or professional. And this is exactly where we are "at home": we are the specialists for such requirements - we face up to this responsibility. With practical experience like no other, we accompany you in your ideas and dreams - no matter how unusual they may seem. We are "designers" and not "technicians" - always on the lookout for new challenges - in town and country - on mountains or in valleys - in the cold or the desert. With us there is nothing "off the peg".

    together with you we develop your projects and realize your dreams.

    Or to talk to Julia Engelmann: "Let's write stories together that we'll remember later."

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