Are you still stuck in a construction nightmare?

Why do construction projects take longer than planned?
How can costs be so out of line?
Why do so many projects fail in the planning phase?

Building is no longer solvable with the old methods: energy saving ordinance and fire protection requirements are becoming more complicated, 2D plans more confusing and the understanding between the parties involved is becoming less and less. Stop!

Do you finally want to sleep soundly at night?

We invite you into a new era in which we bring your building to life even before construction begins. Rethinking construction means that we can once again devote our heart and soul to our task as planners. Only in this way can all those involved deliver the quality that lets you, the building owner, sleep soundly at night.

  • central planning and support in one software
  • fully automatically generated, complete service specifications
  • modeled buildings in 5D and 7D with intelligent building components
  • a single IFC that knows no scale or zero point problems
  • smart control functions and systems
  • automatically generated, audit-proof schematics and calculations (e.g. for electrical engineering)
  • faster and more reliable costing thanks to central data management
  • a common basis on which planners, architects, facility management and customers really understand each other

Wake up and come along

The new world of construction requires courage and conviction on both sides. That's why we work passionately with customers who are willing to throw the old overboard. For whom innovation, safety and cost-effectiveness are not mutually exclusive.

Does that sound like you? Then we should talk.

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Editorial Peter Kaiser
Peter Kaiser

Since time immemorial, people have dreamed this one dream: that of their "own home", the "roof over their head" and later that of their "own four walls".

It is based on the most intimate needs such as protection and care - elementary components of our being and our responsibility for others - of our family and everything that is "dear and dear" to us - are the basis.

But these innermost drives also include characteristics of our life in large communities - cohesion and togetherness on the one hand - prestige, demarcation and individuality on the other.

After the many epochs of architectural history, we are now faced with a completely new dimension - one that incorporates the previously unknown dimensions into the "house": The digital age as a new basic human need - whether private or professional. And this is exactly where we are "at home": we are the specialists for such requirements - we face up to this responsibility. With practical experience like no other, we accompany you in your ideas and dreams - no matter how unusual they may seem. We are "designers" and not "technicians" - always on the lookout for new challenges - in town and country - on mountains or in valleys - in the cold or the desert. With us there is nothing "off the peg".

together with you we develop your projects and realize your dreams.

Or to talk to Julia Engelmann: "Let's write stories together that we'll remember later."

We look forward to it - and to you.

Peter Kaiser