Building Information Modeling

May we introduce? The digital twin of your building

Imagine your building being within reach before construction has even begun. Building Information Modeling (BIM) turns this dream into reality.

BIM is a holistic method for planning technical building equipment that digitally reflects the entire "life cycle" of a building. It simultaneously creates a living database in which all graphic, geometric and alphanumeric parameters and execution details are stored.

Instead of time-consuming, error-prone planning by hand, software controls the process, taking into account the time and cost dimensions. The result is a digital twin of your building in 3D and thus the perfect basis for smooth collaboration between architects, specialist planners and everyone involved in the construction.

In short: BIM creates absolute clarity in the sometimes muddled and opaque construction processes. The digital twin identifies and eliminates potential sources of error before they arise – only then the starting signal is given for actual execution.

This is how you benefit from Building Information Modeling



Reduced susceptibility to errors


Cost and time savings

Fewer unnecessary construction delays

Fewer legal disputes


Standardized and open interface for data exchange (IFC)

Fewer planning errors thanks to consistent planning on one building model

Fewer coordination errors and better cooperation between all specialist planners and trades

„Those who plan buildings professionally today will be happy about a smooth construction process in time and budget tomorrow.“
Peter Kaiser



Who we are

As planning experts for technical building equipment, we at KAISER-AMM think buildings digitally before we bring them into reality. We combine experience, passion and pioneering spirit for the smooth construction process of our customer projects.

Who we work for

KAISER-AMM works for government agencies, architects, operators, investors and builders who want to think differently and bring their visions to life.

How we work

Our mission is to revolutionize construction in a practical way for our clients. For us, the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (even if this may sound surprising - the German legal basis also has good aspects) forms the basis for smooth, plannable cooperation. Because if everyone involved follows it and does their job accordingly in their phase, things will run smoothly on the construction site. As experts for future-oriented building technology, we support you in all nine phases of construction and also orient ourselves to it in terms of fees, even if our services extend beyond this due to our way of working. However, we see this as a symbiosis that is fair, transparent and economical for both sides. Our structured project procedure and the use of the latest hardware and software enable us to accompany your project holistically from the vision to the construction acceptance.

Editorial Peter Kaiser
Peter Kaiser

Since time immemorial, people have dreamed this one dream: that of their "own home", the "roof over their head" and later that of their "own four walls".

It is based on the most intimate needs such as protection and care - elementary components of our being and our responsibility for others - of our family and everything that is "dear and dear" to us - are the basis.

But these innermost drives also include characteristics of our life in large communities - cohesion and togetherness on the one hand - prestige, demarcation and individuality on the other.

After the many epochs of architectural history, we are now faced with a completely new dimension - one that incorporates the previously unknown dimensions into the "house": The digital age as a new basic human need - whether private or professional. And this is exactly where we are "at home": we are the specialists for such requirements - we face up to this responsibility. With practical experience like no other, we accompany you in your ideas and dreams - no matter how unusual they may seem. We are "designers" and not "technicians" - always on the lookout for new challenges - in town and country - on mountains or in valleys - in the cold or the desert. With us there is nothing "off the peg".

together with you we develop your projects and realize your dreams.

Or to talk to Julia Engelmann: "Let's write stories together that we'll remember later."

We look forward to it - and to you.

Peter Kaiser