Kaiser meets Malaysian nobility

Prince Amzari Bin Abas visited Germany as the official representative of Malaysia. The background to this is the desire of the emerging economic nation to use German products and German knowledge/services in their own country to further their development. The selected circle of companies also included Kaiser-Amm TGA planning. On 04.06.2019 Prince Amzari met with the German delegation at Gut Klein Nienhagen. As part of a very constructive exchange of ideas, he learned about the competencies of the companies present. He was particularly impressed by Kaiser-Amm TGA Planning 4.0; These new insights for his country are all the more interesting - Primz Amzari - as in his country despite the huge construction boom, no companies with a comparable level of planning expertise in the field of electrical and heating/ventilation/ sanitary are available. Further votes will be taken in the coming weeks, but no later than in autumn, when the German delegation travels to Malaysia.