Definition of LOINs

The focus of the meeting is the preparation of the definition of LOINs (Location Identifier Objects Names). The committee has invited various speakers for this purpose: Richard Sichter from Planen Bauen 4.0, Dr. Christof Duvenbeck from RIB Software, and internal committee members Kai Garrels from ABB Stotz Kontakt and Peter Oel as the chairman of the DIN committees for the StLB (Standardized Service Specifications). In this kind of "workshop," all members should be brought up to the same level of understanding. The consideration of Facility Management (FM) is intended to ensure that all information required for the later operation is captured during the planning and construction phases. The committee aims to prevent its future LOINs definitions from being "out of touch with reality," meaning they do not take into account the actual needs.

Editorial Peter Kaiser
Peter Kaiser

Since time immemorial, people have dreamed this one dream: that of their "own home", the "roof over their head" and later that of their "own four walls".

It is based on the most intimate needs such as protection and care - elementary components of our being and our responsibility for others - of our family and everything that is "dear and dear" to us - are the basis.

But these innermost drives also include characteristics of our life in large communities - cohesion and togetherness on the one hand - prestige, demarcation and individuality on the other.

After the many epochs of architectural history, we are now faced with a completely new dimension - one that incorporates the previously unknown dimensions into the "house": The digital age as a new basic human need - whether private or professional. And this is exactly where we are "at home": we are the specialists for such requirements - we face up to this responsibility. With practical experience like no other, we accompany you in your ideas and dreams - no matter how unusual they may seem. We are "designers" and not "technicians" - always on the lookout for new challenges - in town and country - on mountains or in valleys - in the cold or the desert. With us there is nothing "off the peg".

together with you we develop your projects and realize your dreams.

Or to talk to Julia Engelmann: "Let's write stories together that we'll remember later."

We look forward to it - and to you.

Peter Kaiser